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Conflow Power

Conflow Power has redesigned and re-evaluated the concept of what a street light is – once considered an unavoidable cost, now reinvented as a profit centre.

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Company HighlightS
  • Aggregates technology to solve problems facing energy worldwide

  • Projects spanning Street lighting, Generator, Power Storage, Microgrid, Battery

  • Key acquisitions including cutting edge battery monitoring, metering and payment software.

  • High quality revenue streams, with an existing clinic in revenue, and regional and local licensing of the Diabetes Actual technology

Business Overview

Introducing a New Leader

Existing street lighting infrastructure is inefficient and expensive. Smart street lighting is the solution and Conflow is primed to emerge as a smart street lighting leader.

With 320 million street lighting poles worldwide, upgrading street lighting infrastructure presents a $1 trillion opportunity. Smart street lights are best placed to seize this by delivering 80%+ cost savings, increasing revenue opportunities through use of smart poles, remote monitoring and control, and a range of data sharing and gathering capabilities that support smart city applications.

Conflow Power has redesigned and re-evaluated the concept of what a street light is – once considered an unavoidable cost, now reinvented as a profit centre.

A New Era of Innovation

Conflow Power Group has exceeded every milestone it has set so far. After selling out their initial offering of 100,000 licenses, they paid out $6 per license last year ($600,000). This increased license value from $20 to $95, before effecting a 10 for 1 split and launching their secondary license offering.

With a huge deal worth over $50,000,000 signed, pilots taking place at Cal State University and mass rollouts planned across Southern California, Conflow is moving from success to success.

The firm enjoys multiple competitive advantages, most notably:

  1. Technology innovation: Conflow’s technological prowess features at its core an innovative and unique harvesting capability that converts ambient air electrons into energy. In combination with a diverse range of supportive technologies within a single device, this Conflow flagship technology is able to turn an outgoing cost into a source of profit while delivering a range of valuable safety, public, and health services.
  2. Business model leadership: The company owns BatteryWare and has partnered with Power As A Service (PaaS) to create recurring revenue from its entire product range.
  3. Presence in key and large end markets: To boost market share, Conflow is building strategic partnerships with select companies in various end industries including transportation, lighting, energy, medical, and communications.

Conflow continues to aggregate technology, adding additional revenue streams beyond sale and supply of power. Conflow’s Smart Streetlamp has built in:

A True Technology Aggregator

Conflow Power Group has created an adaptable set of complementary technologies, including proprietary innovations, licensed technologies, and joint venture project developments.

  • The company ended 2020 with a flurry of global licensing sales – including the sales of its first pilot contract for 80,000 off-grid streetlights to Conflow Power USA for $50 million – and a joint venture with U.S.-based 4D Vision Light whose inverse pyramid structure is 2.5x to 3.5x more efficient than current solar panel designs.
  • Conflow continues to maintain an intense focus on acquisitions, partnerships, and investments in 2021 as well, as demonstrated by its deal/partnership pipeline that includes technology innovators across the value chain. These partnerships will ensure that Conflow’s revenue streams are not limited to its smart pole and energy harvesting technology, but are instead spread across the value chain of the industry, thus lending to higher topline growth and better revenue diversification.

Conflow Power Group continues to show its innovative nature in both developed and emerging markets. The ability to develop and test new technology while generating revenue proves to be an impressive answer for the alternative energy solutions Conflow is aggregating.

Phase 02 - 2021

Paid royalty $6.00
Phase 03 - 2022
  • Agreement for mass manufacture of key components in Taiwan
  • Major deal for iLamps in USA
  • Nigeria licensing agreed
  • US Pilot with California Edison and California Department of Transportation
royalty delayed to 2023
Phase 04 - 2023
  • US Pilot Caltrans / Edison
  • Conflow City Prototype
  • Launch iCharge
  • Launch iTraffic
  • Launch iStopSign
  • Launch iTurbine

Targeted Royalty $8.00
Corporate / Financials
Spending Goals

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Cliff Morgan
Peter Indovina
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Celine Loader
Conflow Nigeria
Paul Pearson
Conflow Nigeria

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