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Conflow Power

Conflow Power Group aggregates adaptable and complementary technologies that together power, connect, monitor and manage the smart developments, communities and cities of the future.

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Sensor Tech

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Company HighlightS
  • Aggregates technology to solve problems facing energy worldwide

  • Products spanning Street lighting, Micro Grid, Solar, Turbine, Generator, Power Storage, Battery, Sensors, Communications, Charging, LED, Payments & Billing, Data Processing

  • Global distribution network enabling the rapid roll out of new product lines, aggregated technologies and existing product line modules

  • Key acquisitions including cutting edge battery monitoring, autonomous energy metering and billing technology

Business Overview

Introducing a New Leader

Conflow Power Group (CPG) is proving that decentralised, autonomous power is more reliable, convenient and efficient than power station and grid-based applications.

It is the start of a major shift.

CPG has aggregated an adaptable set of complementary technologies that together power, connect, monitor, bill and manage the smart developments, communities and cities of the future.

Our flagship product, iLamp, ( combines self-powered smart street lighting with a range of communications, sensors and technologies tailored to make communities safer, more efficient and energy independent.

three iLamps in white, red and blue

CPG's aggregated technologies are integrated as modules into Conflow Power Groups current and future product lines, including iLamp, and comprise of:

The modularity and core connectivity allows for further technologies to be integrated in the future as they are added to the CPG stack.

Existing infrastructure is inefficient and expensive and it’s going to change

Worldwide electrical grids and municipal infrastructure are no longer fit for purpose, running at significant losses and costing more each year to maintain. Change is coming and CPG is positioned to be one of the change makers.

Most established centralised electricity grids were built in the 1960’s to transport energy one way, from large power plants, to end users. These grids had an expected lifespan of 50 years.

The transition to net zero emissions represents the greatest commercial opportunity of our time.

- Mark Carney (Former Governor - Bank of England)

Today, solar power represents the cheapest energy in human history and centralised electricity grids worldwide find themselves without sufficient flexibility to operate efficiently, unable to match supply to demand in real time and in many cases unable to cope.

The US grid alone requires annual maintenance of $156 billion, while blackouts in the US increased by a staggering 73%.

Worldwide transmission and distribution losses total over 13 trillion kWh each year. These inefficiencies are not widely reported but are a significant factor in the now apparent energy crisis.

Global Distribution Losses (%)

Fewer than a quarter of proposed clean energy projects make it to commercial operation because of transmission hurdles.

Global annual average change in energy production by fuel, 1971-2019

The grid is also vulnerable to solar storms, increasing extreme weather and natural disasters as well as physical and cyber attacks.

Blackouts affects our health, environment and quality of life, preventing sewage treatment, causing raw sewage to be pumped directly into water bodies. Stopping drinking water filtering and pumping leading to contaminated water or supply issues. Even hospitals are still underprepared and can only keep essential equipment with external assistance.

Going forward, we can either build the grid back the same way we’ve done before or we can invest in new technologies that can bring the same service but at a lower cost.
Replacing these systems in the shift to clean energy represents the largest commercial opportunity of our time.

The transition to net zero presents the greatest economic opportunity since the Industrial Revolution

- Financial Times

A New Era of Innovation

CPG offers both short and long term solutions, starting by relieving grid strain while setting the stage for the new era of a renewably powered world, and following with the establishment of a series of microgrids.

With a deal worth over $50,000,000 signed, pilots taking place at Cal State University and mass rollouts planned across Southern California, Conflow is moving from success to success.

CPG solutions are:

On and Off grid

Our solutions work to relieve the strain on existing infrastructure, and providing power where it is needed.

Energy Efficient

All CFP products and solutions are efficiency focused to deliver the lowest power costs possible.

Highly Scalable

We focus on solutions that are highly scalable, can be mass produced and have multiple uses and applications.

Presence in key and large end markets

To boost market share, Conflow is leveraging territorial licensing of its product lines as well as building strategic partnerships with select companies in various end industries including transportation, lighting, energy, medical, and communications.

CFP's product lines are modular in nature, as Conflow continues to aggregate technologies they can be seamlessly retrofitted to existing product lines, continually adding additional revenue streams for both CFP, the product lines, and territorial rights owners.

These territorial rights owners contribute to the ecosystem being built by Conflow Power Group by becoming mini aggregators themselves, able to find the best local technologies, and use their access to the global market consisting of other CFP licensee's to generate additional revenue.

Aids in the roll out of future products, with local product license holders perfectly placed to assist in rapid roll outs.

Mass manufacturing capability

CPG has a development and mass manufacturing arm in Taiwan.

This also serves to develop new components as well as the existing production of light emitting diode epitaxy wafers, using Liquid Phase Epitaxy technology and mass production of AlGaAs Red colour epitaxy wafers and MOVPE epitaxy technology for AlInGaP visible and infrared epitaxial wafers and GaAs Ingot/substrate used for iLamps WIFI and 5G communication applications.

CPG also leverages worldwide partnerships and agreements to rapidly scale up local production by allowing local license holders to create and participate in markets for components and completed products, enabling locally made CFP products to compete globally.

Conflow Power Group continues to show its innovative nature in both developed and emerging markets. The ability to develop and test new technology while generating revenue proves to be an impressive answer for the alternative energy solutions Conflow is aggregating.

Combining this development cycle and strong partnership with technology innovators, CPG's rapidly expanding global reach through both locally placed territorial holders as well as leading utility companies and industry experts and CPG's global manufacturing and distribution capability perfectly positions CPG to seize the opportunity presented by the unique, once in a century energy transition that is taking place.

Phase 02 - 2021

Paid royalty $6.00
Phase 03 - 2022
  • Agreement for mass manufacture of key components in Taiwan
  • Major deal for iLamps in USA
  • Nigeria licensing agreed
  • US Pilot with California Edison and California Department of Transportation
royalty delayed to 2023
Phase 04 - 2023
  • US Pilot Caltrans / Edison
  • Conflow City Prototype
  • Launch iCharge
  • Launch iTraffic
  • Launch iStopSign
  • Launch iTurbine

Targeted Royalty $8.00
Corporate / Financials
Spending Goals

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CPG has aggregated an enviable set of complementary technologies that together power, connect, monitor and manage the needs of smart developments, communities and cities of the future.


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