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Diabetes Actual

Diabetes Actual seeks to restore metabolic wellness through the use of proven therapies for reversing the ravages of diabetes by restoring insulin sensitivity. This license opens Diabetes Actual up to a broad network of supporters, who can help achieve our goal of treating as many diabetics as possible, as soon as possible.

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Diabetes Actual
Company HighlightS
  • Team headed by physician-surgeon and research scientist Dr. Mark Holterman, MD-PhD

  • Proven therapy for reversing diabetes by restoring insulin sensitivity

  • 7,000 patients treated across 35 US clinics and 5 international treatment centers

  • High quality revenue streams, with an existing clinic in revenue, and regional and local licensing of the Diabetes Actual technology

Business Overview

Diabetes Actual seeks to restore metabolic wellness through the use of proven therapies for reversing the ravages of diabetes by restoring insulin sensitivity. This is made possible through a partnership with the US-based company, Well Cell Global, as we deploy their FDA-approved, life-saving technology throughout the world.

With over 7,000 patients treated across 35 US clinics and 5 international treatment centers, their patented technology promotes cell health and organ revitalization, using a safe method that has evolved over the last 70 years of scientific progress. By focusing on the body as a whole, Diabetes Actual can increase overall health by restoring metabolic wellness. The key is regaining insulin sensitivity and is based on restoring the normal rhythmic release of insulin.

Physiology 101: Every cell in the body has insulin receptors on their surface and, depending on the type of cell, they function differently in response to insulin signals. Too much insulin stimulates many unwanted effects on cells and their function. For instance, too much insulin leads to the deposition of fat into the abdominal cavity (visceral fat), liver and pancreas which causes inflammation. Inflammation leads to atherosclerosis, hypercholesterolemia and hypertension and is a major factor in the development of cancer. Patients can suffer from stroke and heart attack, kidney failure, vision problems, erectile dysfunction and neuropathy and are more susceptible to breast, prostate, colon and pancreatic cancer to name a few. To varying degrees all of the cells in a diabetic body are subject to the cocktail of too much insulin, too much glucose and toxic inflammatory molecules.

Get Rhythm: The insulin signals are designed to operate every six to eight minutes. This insulin cycle allows each cell in the body to respond to insulin, take up glucose, generate maximal energy and recycle their insulin receptor for another round. Individual cells cannot respond efficiently to a constant unrelenting insulin signal. The result is a decrease in cell metabolic function and eventual organ dysfunction.

PILLS, pills and more pills: Current treatments are focused on symptom suppression and tight glucose control which has not led to significant improvement in survival nor the prevention or improvement in diabetic complications. Patients who develop problems with blood pressure, cholesterol, nerve pain, erectile dysfunction, kidney problems, vision impairment and non-healing wounds are treated with another pill and admonished to eat less and exercise while their diabetic medications continue to increase. Little progress has been made and diabetes contributes directly to 6 of the top 10 causes of death in the US. (Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Kidney Failure)

Diabetes Actual uses Physiologic Insulin Re-Sensitization (PIR) protocols, which is a novel approach based on the healthy innate reciprocal pulsatile release of insulin from the pancreas. Diabetic patients are treated in two to three hour sessions on a weekly basis with tightly controlled, timed insulin intravenous infusions given by precision pumps. Most patients require 10 sessions over several months to restore their insulin sensitivity and regular maintenance sessions Diabetes Actual does not offer a definitive cure for diabetes but restores function and reverses many of the symptoms of Diabetes. Patients can then benefit from the full array of metabolism boosters and life style and dietary changes that Diabetes Actual provides to attain and sustain maximal metabolic wellness.

This metabolic wellness life is available for a wide array of patients, with or without diabetes, and we have seen it help with wound healing, Parkinson’s disease, aging and aesthetic issues. Patients have overwhelmingly reported increased energy, restful sleep, weight loss, decreased neuropathy pain, reduced medications and lower Hemoglobin A1C as a result of PIR protocols that can control and reverse insulin resistance.

Diabetes is the most expensive medical condition in the USA. Eventually, oral medications may not be enough to keep blood glucose levels normal. Adding insulin to get blood glucose levels to a healthy level is a sign of worsening disease. In a patient with insulin resistance the toxic effects of additional insulin only exacerbates the deleterious effects of high levels of insulin and portends an increased velocity to the disease spiral of worsening complications. Many believe that Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease. The reality is that for most, it doesn’t need to be progressive and there is hope for symptom resolution and or stabilization. Diabetes Actual’s pulsatile insulin protocol restores insulin sensitivity to cells, helping to ensure that maximal energy is generated. What sets Diabetes Actual apart is our combination of additional clinical therapies alongside the PIR protocols. This includes intermittent fasting, hormone replacement therapy and exercise with a goal of increasing patients’ metabolic health.

Diabetes Actual is a MariamTek brand and we are licensing partnerships with regional distributors in the US, the Asia Pacific and GCC countries. With a launch in the USA Midwest underway, and an imminent plan to launch a new PIR training facility in the GCC and/or India, Diabetes Actual is set to become a leading player in diabetes treatment globally.

Revenue Streams

Diabetes Actual wants to get as many diabetics as possible treated as soon as possible and we know that we cannot build enough Diabetes Actual clinics to provide this care. This technology needs to be available for all of the leading clinical providers who want a new tool to assist their diabetic patients.

In addition to a Diabetes Actual Franchise model, Diabetes Actual banks revenue on commission for license sales, and revenue for training local providers on the correct use of the protocols. This will be profitable for Diabetes Actual at each step of the treatment cycle.

Our ILO entitles buyers to 10% of our total revenue, divided evenly amongst all ILO holders. You can buy our ILO for just $4 per license to help revolutionize the treatment of diabetes, and make money while doing it.

Corporate / Financials
Management Team

Dr Holterman is the founder of the Mariam Group which is a philanthropic organization dedicated to improving life on the planet with solutions to the most vexing problems affecting health, habitat and human development. MariamTek is the for-profit operational arm, which finds and develops transformative and far-reaching solutions on a global scale.

His experience as a practicing physician-surgeon and research scientist enables him to identify and verify solutions to a variety of problems, particularly in the healthcare field. When it comes to Diabetes Actual, Dr Holterman deploys the same technologies in his own clinic with good success and happy patients.

Trupti Parikh
is a pediatric nurse practitioner with 20 years of experience in healthcare, including direct patient nursing and administration. She is dedicated to the mission of global health and the goal of healthy functional aging, and currently serves as the Director of Clinical Development for Diabetes Actual.

Ravindra is a serial entrepreneur specializing in IT and education is based in India and the UAE. He is a partner and founding member of MariamTek and the Mariam Group. He brings his business experience and global connectivity to the development and deployment of Diabetes Actual protocols to the world.


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