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Diabetes Actual

Diabetes Actual seeks to restore metabolic wellness through the use of proven therapies for reversing the ravages of diabetes by restoring insulin sensitivity. This license opens Diabetes Actual up to a broad network of supporters, who can help achieve our goal of treating as many diabetics as possible, as soon as possible.

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Company HighlightS
  • Led by renowned physician-surgeon and research scientist Dr. Mark Holterman, MD-PhD

  • Proprietary therapy for reversing diabetes and restoring insulin sensitivity

  • Successfully treated over 7,000 patients across 35 US clinics and 5 international centers

Business Overview

Mission: Diabetes Actual seeks to restore metabolic wellness through proven therapies.

Partnership: Strategic collaboration with US-based Well Cell Global to deploy life-saving FDA-approved technology worldwide.

Unique Approach: Utilizes Physiologic Insulin Re-Sensitization (PIR) protocols to mimic the body's natural insulin release rhythm.

Treatment Method: Weekly sessions of controlled insulin infusions restore insulin sensitivity over several months.

Effective Results: Patients report increased energy, weight loss, reduced medications, and improved overall health.

Comprehensive Approach: Offers additional clinical therapies alongside PIR protocols for enhanced outcomes.

Global Expansion: Licensing partnerships established in the US, Asia Pacific, and GCC countries.

Revenue Streams: Diverse revenue streams from clinic operations and licensing partnerships.

High Demand: Growing market for innovative diabetes treatment solutions.

Scalability: Technology licensure allows for widespread adoption by leading clinical providers.

Potential Returns: Opportunity to capitalize on the rapidly expanding healthcare market.

Funding Goals: License purchases support clinic establishment and operational costs in the Gulf region.

Growth Plan: Expand licensing agreements globally to reach a wider patient population.

Strategic Partnerships: Collaborate with healthcare providers to integrate Diabetes Actual technology into existing treatment protocols.

Diabetes Actual is poised to revolutionize diabetes treatment on a global scale.

Strategic partnerships and proven therapy protocols ensure a sustainable and successful business model.

Join us in transforming the future of healthcare and improving the lives of millions affected by diabetes.

Revenue Streams

Diabetes Actual wants to get as many diabetics as possible treated as soon as possible and we know that we cannot build enough Diabetes Actual clinics to provide this care. This technology needs to be available for all of the leading clinical providers who want a new tool to assist their diabetic patients.

In addition to a Diabetes Actual Franchise model, Diabetes Actual banks revenue on commission for license sales, and revenue for training local providers on the correct use of the protocols. This will be profitable for Diabetes Actual at each step of the treatment cycle.

Our ILO entitles buyers to 10% of our total revenue, divided evenly amongst all ILO holders. You can buy our ILO for just $4 per license to help revolutionize the treatment of diabetes, and make money while doing it.

Corporate / Financials
Management Team

Dr Holterman is the founder of the Mariam Group which is a philanthropic organization dedicated to improving life on the planet with solutions to the most vexing problems affecting health, habitat and human development. MariamTek is the for-profit operational arm, which finds and develops transformative and far-reaching solutions on a global scale.

His experience as a practicing physician-surgeon and research scientist enables him to identify and verify solutions to a variety of problems, particularly in the healthcare field. When it comes to Diabetes Actual, Dr Holterman deploys the same technologies in his own clinic with good success and happy patients.

Anjo De Heus: With a track record of rapid growth and successful go-to-market strategies, Anjo De Heus embodies resilience and tenacity in every endeavor. His innate ability to identify market gaps and deploy cutting-edge technology at precisely the right moment has positioned him as a pioneer in multiple industries.

Anjo's leadership is characterized by visionary thinking and disruptive ideas that challenge the status quo. He is renowned for his mentorship and coaching rooted in value-based leadership principles, inspiring those around him to push boundaries and achieve greatness.

Drawing from years of experience in strategy, commercialization, and stakeholder engagement, Anjo brings a holistic approach to every project. His operational and executive leadership skills have propelled organizations to new heights, driving sustainable growth and fostering innovation.

Above all, Anjo embraces a mindset of boundless possibilities, refusing to let fear dictate outcomes. With a commitment to creativity and ingenuity, he continually seeks alternative solutions, crafting new rhythms of success in every venture. Anjo currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of MariamTek Inc..


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