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Eco Premium Packaging

One of the major challenges of our time is how government regulators and consumers deal with global plastic pollution.

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Business Overview

One of the major challenges of our time is how government regulators and consumers deal with global plastic pollution. Today people want healthy packaging that will not pollute the planet.

Eco Premium Packaging (EPP) manufactures biodegradable and compostable products in a wide variety of shapes and styles, catering to a number of different industries. According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, microplastics are the largest source of sea pollution along with fishing nets as reported in the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy.

EPP has pioneered the process of using 100% agricultural fiber (agro-fiber) packaging. This cutting-edge manufacturing method creates compostable packaging material for medical products, and a variety of products for the food industry – including replacements for plastic bags and straws.

The global demand for non-plastic packaging material is exceeding supply, and EPP is ideally placed to capitalize on this flourishing commercial opportunity.

As cities around the world are banning styrofoam, our natural, biodegradable packaging can help you stay ahead of the curve and show customers you care. Together, we can help you make healthy choices for smarter business and a greener planet.

Our agro-fiber materials are proven better than competing technologies in terms of effectiveness in landfill biodegradation, recyclability and proven stability in storage and service life.

Eco Premium Packaging was founded in 2016. The technology was invented in-house by the founder of the company, Mr. Satesh Balan, who has an academic background in mechanical engineering.

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