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Experience the power of a smart street light that generates revenue.

iLamp is the first smart street light that both saves and makes money for homeowners, small businesses, developments, villages, towns and cities all over the world. iLamp makes money, reduces crime, increases house prices and neighbourhood safety.

With low installation and non-existent running costs, iLamp is the Streetlamp of the future.

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  • 300 million street lights in the world and rising.

  • 70% of all electricity was generated by burning fossil fuels, a source of air pollution and greenhouse gases.

  • Grids worldwide facing increased strain with countries facing power outages and power scarcity

  • Sold 6 USA States all at various stages of development

  • Sold 5 significant country licenses

  • Closed $250m debt funding deal to assist in sales of more territorial licenses

Rollout plan

iLamp has signed agreements with 6 states all at various stages of developments and signed 5 significant country based territorial licenses, with many more in negotiation, collectively these are worth $57m in revenue to iLamp. These are signed.  We aim to sell a further 5 states this year (2024) bringing the total to $142,000,000. Based on 10% royalty once iLamp gets paid in full on these sales it will pay a royalty of $21.84 making the promotional license valued at $218.00. These numbers are based on achievements to date our new funding for territorial sales and discussions we are having with multiple partners.

The market for street lighting is vast, covering every urban street and road, many highways, interstates, freeways, public parks, recreation areas, walking paths, residential areas, home owners associations, parking lots, commercial and industrial zones and campuses.

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There are an estimated 26 million streetlights in the United States alone, consuming as much electricity annually as 1.9 million households.

We need an army of individuals to make iLamp a reality on every street where old-fashioned lamps are located. Buy, sell, promote and help make the winning argument that cities can be smart if we approach them one pole at a time. All iLamp can talk to each other, removing the security issues and privacy issues, making streets safer and more enabled, while relaxing the ever-increasing strain on the grid.

iLamp moving gif, showing the pole and the messaging "Independent, Individual, Intelligent"

Creating Communities of Tomorrow

Through its various sensors and modules iLamp can:

– Provide weather, video, audio, air quality, and crime information remotely
– Boost connectivity and coverage with 4G, 5G and WiFi inbuilt
– Charge electric transport and vehicles
– Lower costs with efficient automatic LED lighting and low base costs

These benefits make iLamp the perfect solution for any new or existing development project that is looking to secure recurring revenue, while decreasing their overall costs.

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Why buy our license

If you aren’t in the market for a streetlamp, you can still take advantage of the opportunity by buying the iLamp ILO. The iLamp ILO pays for itself in less than two years and generates ongoing revenue for its owners after that.

Buy a license now to reserve your share of each iLamp sale, and receive a slice of the ongoing revenue generated by iLamp.

Innovative Technology

iLamp is designed to make lives easier and safer, while offering sustainable solutions. iLamp is a Conflow Power Group initiative containing inside all of Conflow’s complementary technologies, including proprietary innovations, joint-venture agreements and licensed technologies.

iLamp features auto lighting, 360 camera, off grid power, gunshot detection, drone guidance, weather and air quality monitoring, wifi and cellular, mobility charging.

iLamp’s advanced sensors and features include:

Self-generating power, keeping lights on when the grid goes out
Monitoring light and visibility levels, only turning on if the light is needed
An inbuilt Wi-Fi hotspot, with 4G & 5G towers as options
Detection of gunshots, immediately reporting to emergency services
Drone Guidance for deliveries, charging, and forest fire prevention (Powered by Drone Ready)
360° Camera producing a live feed with optical recognition technology
Accurate Weather Monitoring, street by street
Air Quality monitoring
Electric vehicle charging, with revenue deposited to your account.

illustration of iLamp and Conflow Power Groups Smart city

Our Customers

iLamp has been created for home owners, neighbourhoods, new & existing property developments, cities, towns and councils to help create communities of tomorrow. We have taken into consideration what these communities need, and offer various features depending on their requirements.

Our customers needs are paramount. As such, we actively encourage user feedback on iLamp’s features. This will enable additional features to be built using the existing sensors, and going forward, additional modular sensors being offered.

iLamp features directly benefit ILO holders. Any successful revenue generating feature will mean a higher royalty payout.

Illustration of iLamps connectivity dashboard
Corporate information
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Key Terms
Key Terms

iLamp has issued 650,000 ILO units at $10.00 per unit. Each unit will receive a royalty after the license is qualified of 10% of the iLamp sales revenue divided by the 650,000 unit holders.

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Confirmed share to your network, either via social media, group chat or other outreach.

Class I License

10% Royalty paid

Class II License

0% Royalty paid


Below are documents supporting iLamps offering, including legal, territorial and others.

License Agreement
4 Aug, 2022
Board Resolution
2 Aug, 2022
23 Jul, 2022
Brand Guide
4 Aug, 2022
4 Aug, 2022
Terms and Conditions
2 Aug, 2022
Privacy Policy
23 Jul, 2022