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The Punapods team brings decades of experience in business transformation, design, engineering, real-estate development and prefab housing. We provide the wholesale market a unique, cost-effective and easy-to-assemble dwelling system, adaptable to the most stringent design parameters while providing unmatched construction quality, operating efficiencies and life-enhancing aesthetics.

Responding to the growing demand for smaller homes and the increasing value of environmental consciousness in today’s retail buyer, every Punapods home is designed to be livable, beautiful, and affordable. Every Punapod is a work of art, expertly engineered and designed to be assembled on site significantly faster than a traditional stick-built home. Our striking shapes deliver our promise: ‘Live Large In Smaller Spaces.’ 

Our secret? Punapods’ innovative patent-pending SIPrailsbuilding system provides 6-times the structural strength allowing canted walls and soaring ceilings.  In our signature models the canted walls nearly double living space.  This design innovation is unique and powerful.  With a Punapod home, the building process is simpler and faster. These qualities accelerate the return on investment for our wholesale market: the developer, builder, resort, corporate and large parcel landowner.  Time is money. 

At the same time, Punapods’ innovative architectural and engineering solutions provide our customer community with a competitive edge in the home building and resort markets. We are both different and better in design, scalability, quality and return on investment (ROI).


  • Tap into a $147 billion global market, projected to reach $285 billion by 2032

  • Provide eco-conscious dwellings, beautiful in form and function

  • Distribute directly from the factory, shipped flat-packed and assembled on-site in days!

  • Deliver a dwelling complete with kitchen, cabinetry, bed, and bath

  • Address the growing demand for value-priced, environmentally conscious homes

  • Meet the mandate for sustainable living options

  • Customizable to meet developer, builder and resort, corporate customer needs

  • Provide pride of ownership with unique architectural aesthetics and high-quality engineering

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Business Overview
Each aesthetically pleasing Punapods Village™ offers a range of distinctive designs and sizes blended together to form a distinguished community – Unique and Affordable

The problems? 

  • Lack of quality, affordable housing in many parts of the nation
  • Cost of goods, supply chain and skilled labor shortages
  • Absence of products providing the wholesale developer with a unique residential market differentiator 
  • Length of time to construct traditional stick-built dwellings in the face of escalating costs
  • Standard home sizes fail to meet the appetite of eco-conscious retail buyer
  • Significant percentage of population is seeking smaller spaces without sacrificing quality

The home and resort building industry has been relatively the same for nearly 80 years.                            Our three decades of experience taught us that there was a better way: a better way to design, to build quickly with an eco-friendly outcome, to deliver greater affordability and aesthetically elevated environments. These benefits resonate with the experienced community and resort developer.  

Punapods’ unique 21st century building system - SIPrails™ - creates the extraordinary structures that inspire captivating architecture. Together, these two elements bring much-needed excitement to the residential and resort development markets. 

Punapods range in size from 300 ft2 to 3500 ft2. Our SIPrails building system and custom designed interior cabinetry were created specifically to make the building process simpler, faster, and less problematic and costly.


We collaborate with and sell exclusively to developers, resorts, corporations, and large parcel landowners. Committed to building build high quality modern communities, Punapods shortens the idea-to-build cycle which yields an accelerated return on investment. 

Our initial market focus is on the increased demand associated with resorts, high-density hubs, technology, mining, and agriculture centers, as well as Native American lands, where there is a particularly extreme shortfall of quality affordable homes. Geographically, our initial sales efforts will be concentrated in the western and southern USA. 

With our ability to quickly build 300 ft2 -3500 ft2affordable homes, Punapods’ will provide an industry-first: allowing the flexibility for custom design and production of strikingly beautiful, quick-to-construct dwellings suited for any residential or resort community. 

We have seen the need and we will fill it.


The carefully designed Punapods manufacturing process guarantees high quality and lower cost of goods, while our distinctively planned exteriors and interiors ensure ease of on-site assembly in a time frame that is a fraction of traditional, stick-built construction.  Punapods offers products that are compelling and profitable: fresh, attractive, affordable, and innovative; easily customized to the developer’s individual market needs.

  • Well-designed - Open floor plans, impressive standard features, and options to accommodate all income levels. 
  • Sectional design - Enables ease of assembly, design flexibility, future expansion or to breakdown and move. As needs change, so can the Punapod.
  • Canted walls - Signature canted walls maximize interior volume and increase the sense of space and light within a smaller footprint.
  • Flexible - Punapods are built with our signature style of canted walls or can be produced with a traditional ‘look and feel.’
  • Energy efficient - R-30 to R-50 insulated walls, ceiling, and floors with double glazed windows and doors. 
  • Simplified on site construction - Walls delivered to the job site pre-finished, pre-plumbed, pre-wired, with windows and doors installed, each encased around patent-pending SIPrails; walls, ceilings and floors slide and lock together. 
  • Accelerated assembly - The kitchen, bath, cabinetry, and Murphy bed are custom made in our factory and shipped with the SIPrails structure to the building site. 
  • Fixtures and Fittings - Appliances, fittings and fixtures, luxury vinyl flooring and standing seam metal exterior cladding arrive at the site ready to install.  Your Punapod is move-in ready in days.
  • Custom cabinetry - Kitchen, bath, Murphy bed, and storage cabinets are custom made in our factory and designed for maximum functionality.
  • Varied foundations - Installation is easy on all types of terrain.
  • Quality details - Made in the USA. Every Punapods home reflects the engineering, design, craftsmanship and caring that goes into each delivered dwelling. 

The bottom line: Punapods are designed creatively, built professionally, constructed quickly, require minimal maintenance, provide superior satisfaction, and retain exceptional enjoyment. 

 Punapods designs maximize the sense of space in every model


Punapods’ impressive standard features deliver a stunning home complete with a kitchen, bath, and Murphy bed.

  • Generous quantity of double-glazed windows provides lavish light throughout each home
  • Kitchen is fully equipped with a combo microwave/convection oven, double induction cooktop, full-sized refrigerator, disposal, dishwasher, all cabinetry and combo washer/dryer
  • One or two baths with vanity, fixtures, shower, and cabinetry
  • Dining booth with high/low table for convertible bed and storage 
  • Second floor with stairway 
  • Built-in Murphy bed with storage cabinetry 
  • Standing seam roof and exterior cladding
  • Finished interior walls 
  • Interior and exterior lighting 
  • Luxury vinyl plank flooring 
  • Hot water heater 
  • HVAC

Current options include:

  • Second Murphy bed 
  • Murphy bed wardrobe 
  • Full window wall front 
  • Full window wall back 
  • Porch hood front 
  • Porch hood back 
  • Solar Panels and Batteries

All design & engineering efforts are aimed at bringing to market high quality homes at an affordable price
The kitchen in every model is detailed to delight every cook and connoisseur

Our Models

Punapods pays attention to every detail in our six standard models. With the innovative SIPrails, each model can be customized to varied sizes and shapes to meet the diverse needs of local aesthetics, zoning codes, unique developer/builder styles, and specific living requirements. 

440 ft2 with fully equipped kitchen, shower, Murphy Bed, and dining booth with a convertible bed and plenty of storage.

Villa 1044
1044 ft2, 2 bedrooms, 2 full size bathrooms, a full size fully equipped kitchen, dining booth with a convertible bed and plenty of storage.

1260 ft2, 2 bedrooms, 2 full size bathrooms, a full size fully equipped kitchen, dining booth                 with a convertible bed and plenty of storage.

1350 ft2, 2 bedrooms, 2 full size bathrooms, a full size fully equipped kitchen, dining booth with a convertible bed and plenty of storage.

1530 ft2, 2 bedrooms, 2 full size bathrooms, a full size fully equipped kitchen, dining booth with a convertible bed and plenty of storage.

It is all in the SIPrails Building System

The modern striking shapes create a sense of strength and grace. With 6-times the strength and double the volume of traditional structures, SIPrails™ set Punapods apart from all other designs.

The Punapods difference is in the proprietary, patent pending SIPrails building system. Taking advantage of 21st century innovation, the canted walls are possible due to the increased strength of SIPrails that serve to nearly double the living space. The state-of-the-art SIPrails system simplifies and shortens the construction process, increases structural integrity 6-fold, and ensures standardized quality during the onsite build.

SIPrails are fabricated to accommodate Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) thicknesses ranging in depth from 7.25” to 12”. The unique patent pending SIPrails use extruded aluminum rails rather than 2x6’s to band the SIPs, giving them six times greater strength. SIPrails come standard in every model, encapsulating 9.25” SIPs (except in the Classic and Classic+ which use 7.25” SIPs). In our factory the SIPs are pre-cut with windows and doors installed and encapsulated with the SIPrails.

The unique, proprietary, interlocking SIPrails system is incredibly easy to assemble.                  Each of the SIPrails includes a pair of connectors, coupling and locking a pair of structural insulated panels together. SIPrails eliminate the need for screws and nails, wood members, and wood inserts. Punapods arrive on site with every component required for the complete installation.

SIPrails Benefits:

  • Maximized design flexibility allowing developers, builders, and resorts to add their signature style, meet local aesthetics, zoning, and customer requirements
  • Increased structural integrity 6-fold over traditional building structure
  • Flat-packed delivery of floors, walls, ceilings, and roofs with double glazed windows, doors, wiring and plumbing already installed
  • Assembles into a complete pre-finished SIP structure in days. Walls, ceiling, and floor panels slide and lock together
  • Eco-Conscious design uses fewer natural resources
  • Fire resistant with metal structure and finishes
  • Higher insulation factors than standard construction, R-40 to R-50 is more efficient = lower costs to heat & cool
  • Reduced on-site complexity and uncertainty means reduced build time
  • Precision alignment of walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Simplified on-site expertise required, while increasing quality
  • Can break down and move to another location. Dwellings can function as a permanent or temporary structures

WHY BUy our license

The innovative ILOCX platform provides an alternative asset class where the return-on-investment (the royalty) is associated directly with our sales success. This investment mechanism is as innovative, transparent, disruptive and efficient as the innovative home design breakthroughs achieved by the design and engineering accomplishments of Punapods. In other words, an ideal fit.

The Value Proposition of Our ILO

Punapods is participating in this ILO to accelerate production and bring our models to market at scale in the 3rd quarter of 2023. For just $6.39 per license, you can participate in our growth, share in the excitement of this breakthrough technology and be financially rewarded with a straight-forward sales-to-royalty transaction.

Current Sales Projections

Punapods expects to sell 230 homes in our first year of operation, 460 in the second year at 920 in the third year. The company has three projects under development today that total over 50 homes. The company is currently developing final designs for these projects and anticipates a closing price range between $10,000,000 - $13,000,000 in the second quarter of 2023. Our Utah project will include 6 homes showing each of our models which will accelerate sales. 

Use of Proceeds

The funds will be used to establish the first manufacturing facility with a manufacturing capacity of 480 homes per year. Punapods has selected a manufacturing location in the state of Utah and has received quotes for expanding an existing manufacturing facility and acquiring the necessary manufacturing equipment. 


The company can scale to meet demand by adding additional manufacturing facilities in the USA and around the world. As the manufacturing processes become standardized the company will sell manufacturing franchises, creating an additional source of revenue. The company is in early-stage discussions with interested parties to establish franchised manufacturing facilities in five states in the near future.

We encourage you to explore our website: and submit your questions or comments to Kevin Ford, our VP Sales. We will make every effort to respond in a timely manner and encourage you to use the intake form on the site for your queries.


No information, activity or process undertaken, or outcome reached, in connection with the provision of this information is intended to constitute or be construed as advice, recommendations or guarantee as to the amount of royalty payments we will be required to make, or License Buyers may expect to receive, or the likelihood of payment defaults that may occur, in relation to any License.

We are not authorized to give investment advice. No information provided constitutes investment advice and should not be treated as such.

Our customers build entire aesthetically beautiful communities in a fraction of the time of the traditional building process

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