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MariamTek finds profitable solutions for the biggest problems in healthcare and the environment.

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Company HighlightS
  • MariamTek finds profitable solutions for the biggest problems in healthcare and the environment

  • Biotechnology and environmental solutions that make an impact and profit

  • The team is headed by physician-surgeon and research scientist Dr. Mark Holterman, MD-PhD

High quality Revenue Streams

At MariamTek, we are committed to finding profitable solutions for the most significant challenges in healthcare and the environment. Led by renowned physician-surgeon and research scientist Dr. Mark Holterman, MD-PhD, our team focuses on developing biotechnology and environmental solutions that not only make an impact but also generate profit.

Our Mission

At MariamTek Inc., our mission is to revolutionize the healthcare industry by investing in and actively nurturing groundbreaking health-tech solutions. We are committed to driving innovation and fostering the development of transformative technologies that improve patient outcomes and enhance healthcare delivery worldwide.

Our Vision

Our vision at MariamTek is to lead the way in shaping the future of healthcare through our strategic investments and operational involvement in pioneering health-tech ventures. We aspire to be the catalyst for positive change in the healthcare sector, leveraging our exclusive regional distribution rights to bring cutting-edge products to market and improve the lives of individuals globally.

High Quality Revenue Streams


DiabetesActual - As part of our commitment to diabetes treatment innovation, we've spun off DiabetesActual as a standalone ILOCX listing. With clinics in the US and plans for expansion in the Middle East and South and SE Asia, DiabetesActual is revolutionizing diabetes care.

Cardiology Institute of America - We are proud to announce the acquisition of this revenue-positive company, specializing in diagnostic devices for assessing vascular health at the point of care.

Advanced Medical Solutions International (AMSI) MariamTek is supporting AMSI in developing advanced detection technology for non-invasive blood glucose level determinations, providing pain-free solutions for patients.

Healthy Habitat

MaxClean 756 - Our equity position in MaxClean 756 offers innovative air purification systems for pathogen-free environments, contributing to healthier homes, schools, offices, and more.

iLamp from ConFlow Power - This green energy solution provides autonomous, self-charging street lights, offering reliable lighting in any climate condition. MariamTek has secured license agreements for this technology globally.

Heather - In collaboration with Natural Fiber Welding (NFW), Heather aims to replace petroleum-based materials in textile manufacturing with eco-friendly alternatives, including Habitat Healthy Leather.

Business Overview

Our strategy at MariamTek

Our strategy at MariamTek is centered on finding profitable solutions for healthcare and environmental challenges. By partnering with cash flow positive and near-profitable companies, we share revenue with licensees and invest in promising mid-stage technologies.

We prioritize technologies with transformative potential, short development times, and strong regulatory pathways. Additionally, we consider global market potential and affordability for all citizens, ensuring our solutions are accessible worldwide.

MariamTek is proud to announce the launch of Diabetes Actual

MariamTek is proud to announce the launch of DiabetesActual, a spin-off dedicated to restoring metabolic wellness for diabetes patients globally. Partnering with WellCell Global, DiabetesActual seeks to deploy life-saving technology and advance diabetes care worldwide.

Diabetes Actual is licensing partnerships with regional distributors in the US, the Asia Pacific and GCC countries. Furthermore, there is a clinic treating patients and generating revenue in Chicago and plans are well underway to partner with WellCell Global in deploying this life- and limb-saving protocol in the GCC and India.


Our healthcare solutions cover prevention, treatment, and restoration across various sectors, including infectious disease, trauma treatment, and pain control. We prioritize innovations with the potential to save lives and improve patient outcomes.

1) Pain-free micro-needle vaccination technology that provides an easy way to vaccinate the world at 1/10th the cost without cold chain dependency.

2) Our trauma treatment sector features solutions for the global blood bank shortage. Our LifePak is a blood bank in a backpack containing platelets and red blood cell substitutes. This highly portable kit is designed for trauma resuscitation at the scene of injury or in smaller rural hospitals and clinics. There’s no need for blood typing, refrigeration or technicians – helping to save lives.

3) The MG53 natural “molecular bandage” from Axolo repairs injury to cells, which preserves organs and saves lives. This has endless clinical uses such as for stroke, heart attacks, kidney failure, liver damage, lung damage, aging, ALS etc.

4) Pain control with a new non-opioid, first-in-class pharmaceutical agent from Cytometix. This product has an excellent safety profile, is non-addicting with few if any side effects. It controls pain on par with narcotics. The product can be administered via IV and oral routes and has significant anti-inflammatory effects. MariamTek is helping to raise funds for Cytometix to complete their regulatory studies to get to the market.

5) Natural melanin for a planet healthy sunscreen. Current sunscreens and cosmetic colorants contain harmful chemicals that can be toxic to humans and to coral reefs. Avisa Myko has patented a technique to extract large quantities of natural melanin from a marine organism. Their solution produces large quantities of natural melanin at 1/100th of the cost of current methods. This enables the addition of natural melanin into a wide range of products ranging from cosmetics (e.g. sunscreen, hair colorants) to medical applications (protection from radiation exposure) to aerospace (effective and light-weight shielding from cosmic radiation). MariamTek hopes to launch Avisa Myko on their own ILOCX platform this year.

6) Non-invasive, non-touch rapid diagnostics for viral infection (including Covid) and realtime blood glucose monitoring. The miniaturization of Hybrid Infrared Radio Frequency (HIRF) technology allows for the development of detection devices that can scan the body for many different proteins and chemicals. MariamTek is working with American Medical Solutions International (AMSI) based in Florida, USA. AMSI has developed the Covid Hunter™ and produced a prototype that determines your blood sugar level with a simple non touch scanning of your skin.


MariamTek is committed to environmental sustainability, partnering with companies like NFW to develop eco-friendly alternatives to petroleum-based materials. Through innovative solutions, we aim to transform industries and protect our planet for future generations.

At MariamTek, we are driven by a shared vision of creating a healthier, more sustainable world. Join us in our mission to revolutionize healthcare and environmental technology.

Corporate / Financials
Management Team

Dr Holterman is the founder of the Mariam Group which is a philanthropic organization dedicated to improving life on the planet with solutions to the most vexing problems affecting health, habitat and human development. MariamTek is the for-profit operational arm, which finds and develops transformative and far-reaching solutions on a global scale.

His experience as a practicing physician-surgeon and research scientist enables him to identify and verify solutions to a variety of problems, particularly in the healthcare field. When it comes to Diabetes Actual, Dr Holterman deploys the same technologies in his own clinic with good success and happy patients.

Anjo De Heus: With a track record of rapid growth and successful go-to-market strategies, Anjo De Heus embodies resilience and tenacity in every endeavor. His innate ability to identify market gaps and deploy cutting-edge technology at precisely the right moment has positioned him as a pioneer in multiple industries.

Anjo's leadership is characterized by visionary thinking and disruptive ideas that challenge the status quo. He is renowned for his mentorship and coaching rooted in value-based leadership principles, inspiring those around him to push boundaries and achieve greatness.

Drawing from years of experience in strategy, commercialization, and stakeholder engagement, Anjo brings a holistic approach to every project. His operational and executive leadership skills have propelled organizations to new heights, driving sustainable growth and fostering innovation.

Above all, Anjo embraces a mindset of boundless possibilities, refusing to let fear dictate outcomes. With a commitment to creativity and ingenuity, he continually seeks alternative solutions, crafting new rhythms of success in every venture. Anjo currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of MariamTek Inc..

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